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The theme of this year's Labor Goes to to the Movies film series is "surveillance." We explore the theme Friday, September 18 in the PSC Union Hall (61 Broadway, 16th floor) with a screening and discussion of Citzenfour (Poitras, US, 2014). Refreshments provided. $2 suggested donation. Doors open at 6 PM.

Laura Poitras’s film documents the initial interviews Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill conducted with Edward J. Snowden in Hong Kong while US intelligence was hot on his trail, interviews that resulted in the publication of his world-shaking revelations about NSA spying. Citizenfour, released in 2014, is the winner of more than forty international awards including the 2015 Oscar for Best Documentary. A.O. Scott of the New York Times praised it as both “a primal political fable for the digital age” and “a tense and frightening thriller that blends the brisk globe-trotting of the ‘Bourne’ movies with the spooky, atmospheric effects of a Japanese horror film.”

Student and faculty leaders gathered at sites throughout the state on Wednesday, July 22 to stress the importance of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s signing “Maintenance of Effort” (M.O.E.) legislation that would improve the quality of public higher education in New York. At Baruch College, CUNY students were joined by their professors, labor leaders, and Assemblymember Deborah J. Glick, the Assembly sponsor of the bill, which passed with bipartisan, near-unanimous support.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has convened a three-person Wage Board to decide on a pay raise for hundreds of thousands of fast-food workers across New York State. Fast-food workers and supporters will rally to urge the Board to raise the wage all the way to $15. Governor Cuomo plans to be there. PSC members do, too. Join us. Here is a flier.

This move by the governor, who has proposed a minimum wage of $11.50 in NYC ($10.50 elsewhere), is happening because fast-food workers and unions throughout the state have organized and struck and campaigned relentlessly for $15 an hour and the right to form a union. Governor Cuomo has not yet called for a $15 per hour wage, the wage fast-food workers need to support themselves and their families, but the Wage Board has the power to make it so. What happens next is up to all of us.

Teaching adjuncts: know your rights about reappointment and Unemployment Insurance during the summer.

Help Strengthen NYC’s Rent Laws

Two decades of weak rent laws have led to the loss of 250,000 rent-regulated apartments in NYC, and New Yorkers are facing an affordable housing crisis that is pushing too many of us out of our neighborhoods. CUNY faculty and staff who have gone five years without at a contractual raise are struggling to stay in their homes. Labor unions, community organizations, and NYC Democrats in the Legislature are pushing to extend and strengthen New York’s rent laws still covering more than one million homes before they expire on June 15. Together, we’re taking the fight to Albany for the #TenantTakeOver lobby day on Tuesday, June 9. PSC members will be there; to get a seat on the bus, fill out this web form. Saving these homes and keeping them affordable is a real way to help mitigate New York’s rising cost of living and protect the value of CUNY salaries. It’s time for our legislators to stand with tenants, not greedy landlords. Take the bus to Albany, and send our politicians a strong message. Click here to RSVP for a bus.

In lieu of the PSC annual theater party sponsored by the Retirees Chapter and the Women’s Committees, the PSC has secured a 10% discount for tickets to Working Theater productions. For online tickets to individual performances, use the discount code "PSC." The Working Theater is also hosting a festival, 5 Boroughs/One City, May 6-10 with performances of different works in every borough. All access passes for the 5 Boroughs/One City performances are also eligible for the PSC discount, but they must be purchased at the box office.

Visit The Working Theater website to learn more.

PSC Resolutions Passed by the 2015 NYSUT Representative Assembly
Michael Fabricant, treasurer of the PSC, introduced a special order of business at the NYSUT Representative Assembly, calling for peace and justice across the nation, and answers in the death of Freddie Gray. The NYSUT delegates unanimously passed the order calling for systemic solutions to the fundamental issues of poverty, racism and a lack of investment in education. It was one of six resolutions sponsored by the PSC, which were passed by the Representative Assembly. The following resolutions are now also the endorsed positions of the 600-thousand-member statewide union, NYSUT:

Strengthen the Rent Laws!
Protect One Million Homes!

Rally at Foley Square, May 14th at 5 pm.
Meet at Centre and Worth Streets.
Then March Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Over one million rent-stabilized homes will be at risk when the current state rent law sunsets on June 15.

Numbers matter in any political struggle. Be one of tens of thousands of New Yorkers who will be part of the campaign to strengthen the rent laws. Click here to endorse the PSC’s statement of support and to RSVP for the Rally to Save NYC/Protect #1millionhomes, Thurs., May 14 at 5 PM at Foley Square.

The Global Wave Goodbye to Nuclear Weapons will start at a huge peace rally in New York on Sunday, April 26 at 1:00 in Union Square, and then go around the world in 24 hours arriving back in New York on April 27 as the government conference begins.

At 2:00 PM, after the rally at Union Square, thousands will march to the U.N.'s Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, arriving at around 3 PM.

Steve London, who is stepping down from office as PSC first vice president after 15 years of service, was named a NYSUT Higher Education Member of the Year at the NYSUT Representative Assembly in Buffalo this past weekend. Watch this video featuring all the NYSUT honorees (Steve’s bit starts at 8:48), and join us in thanking Steve for his dedication to his CUNY colleagues. He takes on a new elected role as university-wide officer of the PSC Executive Committee and continues his roles as trustee and executive officer of the PSC-CUNY Welfare Fund and as NYSUT director.