NYSUT Representative Assembly 2014

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Leadership Change at NYSUT

Karen Magee, a veteran elementary school teacher and president of the Harrison Association of Teachers, is the new president of NYSUT. Magee and the “Revive NYSUT” slate of officers and at-large directors were all elected this past weekend by a majority vote at the union’s annual Representative Assembly in New York City. Click here to read the announcement and the list of new officers. Magee is the first woman elected president of NYSUT. She replaces Dick Iannuzzi, who served as president for nine years.

PSC President Barbara Bowen was quoted on why she and other PSC officers supported the new team of NYSUT leaders in this Capital New York article. (See more coverage in Capital New York and The Journal News.)

Resolutions Passed at NYSUT Assembly

All of the resolutions brought to the floor by the PSC were adopted with only minor changes at the NYSUT Representative Assembly this past weekend. The majority of the 2,000 delegates voted to support PSC positions on:

  • stopping the implementation of the Teachers Performance Assessment (edTPA), the Regents’ controversial high-stakes teacher certification exam;
  • reforming the State’s Tuition Assistance Program;
  • supporting the appeal of the legal decision that made public-sector pensions in Detroit subject to cuts in the City’s bankruptcy;
  • giving retirees access to flexible-spending accounts for health care;
  • creating more transparency in the NYSUT endorsement process;
  • increasing employer penalties under the Affordable care Act for leaving workers uninsured; and
  • supporting fast-food workers’ campaign for a living wage and the right to form a union.

The edTPA resolution, sponsored by both the PSC and UUP, may already have spurred action in Albany. The Assembly is expected to pass legislation to delay the implementation of the Teachers Performance Assessment (edTPA).

Anne Friedman: NYSUT Higher Education Member of the Year

Anne Friedman of BMCC was selected as NYSUT’s higher education member of the year. The PSC vice president for community colleges, Anne is a member of the PSC negotiating committee and its faculty workload committee. Her drive to make CUNY a better place to learn and work dates back to before she joined the BMCC faculty in 1978. As an undergraduate at City College, she participated in the successful fight for an open admissions policy at CUNY. Anne received the award at NYSUT’s Representative Assembly. Here’s the video they played to honor her.