Moral Monday Rally for Public Education--Mon., Jan. 12

Updated: October 2, 2015
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A message from PSC President Barbara Bowen:

The Moral Monday campaign, which has swept across the South and dared to demand that state budgets be moral documents, is coming to Albany this Monday, January 12. The focus of its initial Monday this year is public education. It is important that PSC members be there.

Many of us are not teaching in January, so this is the perfect chance to get on a bus to Albany and take a stand against the immorality of unequal education in New York State.

Please join teachers, parents, professors and education workers from across the state in a demonstration inside the Capitol at noon this Monday. Buses leave from different locations in the city in the early morning and are free of charge. Check here for the one nearest you.

The founder of Moral Mondays, the fiery preacher Reverend William Barber, will lead the demonstration. He is certain to give a ringing indictment of the segregated conditions of New York’s public schools. The teachers’ and parents’ fight is our fight as faculty and staff at the city’s public university. Please add your moral and material support by being there. Monday, January 12 in Albany is certain to be a powerful day.

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