Hundreds Call and Email Trustees during PSC’s Virtual Mass Action

Updated: August 20, 2015
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Hundreds of CUNY faculty and staff took part yesterday in the PSC’s Virtual Mass Action to press Chancellor Milliken and the Board of Trustees for a fair economic offer. They placed calls to the trustees, sent emails to Chancellor Milliken and to Board Chair Benno Schmidt and tweeted at the Chancellor. (Use the hashtag #CUNYNeedsARaise to join the campaign on Twitter.) Some who took part spoke directly to trustees and demanded action on the contract. If you spoke with a trustee, email Ida Cheng at to tell us about it. You can add your voice to the union’s urgent call for a fair contract offer by emailing the Chancellor and calling members of the Board of Trustees. Contact information and campaign targets are listed in the call to action emailed to CUNY faculty and staff by President Bowen the morning of Monday, February 3.