There's a lot at stake in the November 8 election. Defeating Donald Trump at the polls is only the first step toward progress. There's a lot more electoral work to be done.

In order to build on the progressive movements that have gained traction in recent years, left-leaning liberals should vote for Hillary Clinton for presidency. If she's elected, the progressive causes that helped secure her victory must continue to organize and hold her accountable.

Through civil disobedience, coalition building, political lobbying, and countless hours at the bargaining table, the PSC secured a contract that is, according to PSC President Barbara Bowen, “worthy of our struggle.” Now is the time to vote on the hard-won contract.

PSC President Barbara Bowen shares her assessment of the gains in the tentative contract and puts them in context of fiscal austerity in higher education.

Peter Hogness, Clarion's longtime editor retired this summer. Hogness highlights some of his favorite stories and moments while editing 116 issues of the award-winning union paper.

Three years ago dozens of striking miners in Marikana South Africa were brutally shot to death by police who were in apparent collusion with mine owners. PSC International Committee convened a rally to commemorate the massacre, and PSC Treasurer Sharon Persinger, a granddaughter of a coal miner, spoke about the need for solidarity.

Steve London reflects on the 15 years he served as PSC First Vice President: "I am privileged to have served as part of a collective leadership with outstanding principal officers and union administrators..."

Two veteran members of PSC’s New Caucus stepped down from leadership positions in May: Arthurine DeSola, who leaves the post of secretary as Nivedita Majumdar steps in, and Bob Cermele, who exits the role of vice president for senior colleges. Here they recall some of their most memorable fights, discoveries and triumphs in nearly 15 years serving as PSC officers.

Two long-serving PSC Executive Council members, stepping down this year, reflect on their years in union leadership.

In the past few years, rents have soared in New York City. Tenant organizations are pushing the state to renew and strengthen rent protections.