A major breakthrough in the new union contract is job security for long-serving adjuncts. Through a structure that's currently being implemented, adjuncts can now be evaluated for three-year appointments. Before this new provision, adjunct work was completely contingent without any security.

As part of a national day of action, PSC members took to social media to document disrepair on their campus, from ceiling leaks to brown water coming from a drinking fountain.

Campus disrepair at Brooklyn College was everywhere. Despite repeated requests to fix issues with no avail, union members took to social media to highlight the health and safety problems on their campus.

There's a mistaken belief that raises for PSC members must always be funded by tuition hikes. CUNY faculty, staff and students are working to dispel that myth and ensure that contractual raises should not come at the expense of keeping CUNY affordable.

In an effort to increase youth voter turnout, PSC members at Hostos held a "talk, text and vote," where students talked to others about the upcoming elections.

In late September, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced an end to charging the $65 CUNY application fee for qualifying low-income applicants. Tens thousands of families could benefit.

Building on the last contract fight, a city-wide coalition has put forth an agenda to keep CUNY affordable and robust with a full-time faculty.

An ambitious and tenacious movement of faculty and students seeks to pull University assets out of fossil fuel companies. Impossible? Hardly.

After union pressure, CUNY announced the dates for higher salary rates and ratification bonuses that were negotiated in the recently-ratified contract. Bonuses were paid to employees receiving state paychecks (senior colleges and graduate schools) on October 13 and to employees receiving city paychecks (community colleges) on October 21. Higher salary rates and retroactive pay will go into effect no later than January.

For members with questions/problems, the first step the union recommends is that members contact those responsible for payroll in their college HR Office for an explanation of what was paid or not. If members believe there is a problem, then they should contact the PSC Office armed with responses from HR.

CUNY Rising, a coalition of the PSC and other community and student allies, has issued a student bill of rights, which envisions what every student is entitled to at New York City's public colleges.