Rally to Support Stronger Rent Laws—Foley Square, Thurs., May 14

Updated: May 11, 2015
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Strengthen the Rent Laws!
Protect One Million Homes!

Rally at Foley Square, May 14th at 5 pm. Meet at Centre and Worth Streets. Then March Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Over one million rent-stabilized homes will be at risk when the current state rent law sunsets on June 15.

Labor unions, community organizations, and Democrats in the Legislature elected from NYC are seeking not only to extend rent regulations but also to strengthen them.

Working people in NYC—renters and owners alike—have to stand up for affordable housing to protect our neighborhoods.

Fortunately, politics have changed since 2011. With a new mayor and new leadership in the Assembly, there is forceful leadership for stronger rent laws, including ending high-rent vacancy decontrol and ending the vacancy allowance, both of which permit landlords to increase rents by double-digit percentages. (Read “Power and Rent”, an opinion piece published in this month's Clarion for more information.)

The same NYC assembly members and senators who are pushing for State funding to support the PSC-CUNY contract are also pressing hard to keep New York City housing affordable. PSC members need to support them in visible—and countable—ways. It’s in our political and our economic interest. Stemming the loss of affordable apartments to deregulation is a real way to mitigate New York’s rising cost of living and protect the value of CUNY salaries.

Numbers matter in any political struggle. Be one of tens of thousands of New Yorkers who will be part of the campaign to strengthen the rent laws. Click here to endorse the PSC’s statement of support and to RSVP for the Rally to Save NYC/Protect #1millionhomes, Thurs., May 14 at 5 PM at Foley Square.

Click here for a flyer.

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